simon jacobsohn / artist + designer

Simon Jacobsohn is an internationally renowned, award-winning artist, designer, musician, and songwriter based in Central Florida, celebrated for his innovative contributions to fine arts and graphic design. As a co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of REMIXED, he has shaped numerous high-profile brand identities, winning multiple awards for design and branding. REMIXED offers comprehensive services, including brand strategy, graphic design, web design, and marketing for print, film, and television.


Throughout his career, Simon has taken on lead creative roles for clients including Disney, Gold’s Gym, Target, Mitsubishi, Compaq, Ralph Lauren, McDonald’s, and countless others. His exceptional work has garnered national and international acclaim. Simon has been a guest lecturer at colleges and universities on topics ranging from Building Brands to the Inner-workings of Life as a Graphic Designer. Simon’s work has been published in design annuals, books, and periodicals around the world.


Simon is acclaimed for his work on the Garbage Pail Kids series with TOPPS, focusing on their Halloween sketch card sets. Additionally, he is known for his musical projects Hybrid Analysis, The Midnight Epic, and The Mechanical Mind. His songwriting blends electronic, rock, and orchestral elements, creating experimental and innovative soundscapes that have been played on the radio around the US and in clubs in Europe. Growing up listening to classical and jazz music has influenced his diverse musical style.

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